Our Story

Meet Kushagra, He wanted to impress his crush and decided to throw a cool birthday party where he'll make her feel important and confess his feeling.

NTH Kushagra | Not That High


Kushagra has no idea where to start. The idea of throwing a party was good but when he made the To do list he felt overwhelmed. The lists goes like:

1. Invite friends and cousins and then follow up with them. 

2. Make reservation at a place.

3. Do necessary arrangement for decoration.

4. Make booking with artist.

5. Do arrangement for lights and sound.

6. Take care of Food and beverages.

and so on.......


Kushagra now has to talk with multiple vendors. He figured out some cool products but they are not available easily and now he couldn't figure out how to make the party cool and unique.

Now, Kushagra is sad

Sad Kushagra | Not That High

Sad Kushu went to his elder brother Raj, and told his problem. Raj was running a marketing company and a web3 startup. Raj helped him do the necessary arrangement.

Happy Raj
NTH Raj | Not That High

They finalized all the vendors but couldn't find cool products in India. They went ahead with the party, it turned out to be good but there was something missing. (Kushagra didn't confess her crush there😕)
Kushagra Ready | Not That High
(Ready Kushagra for the party)


Something felt missing to Raj and he thought a lot about it. He came up with a idea and pitched to Kushagra and they were in business.

The idea was simple: To build a one-stop party solution where you'll find everything required to throw the coolest party. That's how ladies and gentlemen "Not That High" was born.

NTH Logo Square Black | Not That High
(We started operation on 27th November, 2022)


This is us, pitching Not That High during an event.

We are building the coolest party brand to rock your party and are very grateful of you all to help us in our journey. We have just started and lot of things are to be done. With Not That High, he aim to bring unforgettable moments and joy to people's lives, one party at a time.

Think party
Think Not That High